... aka Holly-Anne Buck, is an Australian artist living and practicing in London, United Kingdom.




Holly-Anne Buck

... Collagism is an artist whose practice focuses on portraiture, particularly exploring ways to represent women in an emboldened fashion, exploring beauty, femininity, tenderness and strength. Her work centres around collage, it has taken form over a twenty-year practice through the media of print, video, musical composition, performance art and site-specific street art interventions. 





LUST: This piece as with the others from the LUST series is a Totem head - a sort of spirit head or being which is an emblem of a vice, this one being for flesh Collagism created this artwork – which became the center motif of the scarf “New York” - after attending SAVAGE BEAUTY the posthumous exhibition of Alexander McQueen at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.  "The show was deeply compelling, people walking around sobbing, the beauty of it was indeed Savage – I was completely inspired by his use of snake skin pattern and textures and colour palette.”

The original artwork has been exhibited in London and wheat pasted in NYC on Bowery in Soho. 

Now the motif returned somehow to the V&A Museum on the back of a mysterious visitor…

Holly-AnneGoProphet Lust: Flesh 2020

Shot on location at Victoria Park, London December 2019. Starring  Holly-Anne Buck and Mircha Ivens.

Collagisms multidisciplinary work has been shown widely around the world.

She completed her Bachelor of Multimedia at RMIT in 2004. As an artist and producer she has worked with longtime collaborator Adam Milburn on their project Mink Engine which they formed whilst living for several years in Tokyo. Their work has been shown at art institutions, museums and festivals. They have toured the world performing in cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Berlin. The pair also had their musical and video work shown on national television and played on national radio in Australia. Namely they were regulars on Kiss FM and had music featured on Ministry of Sound Radio.

I’m eating my feelings
and they taste delicious

Adam Milburn & Holly-Anne Buck / Collagism

To focus on her career as a exhibiting solo artist...

...Holly-Anne relocated to London, UK in 2011. Since then she has created COLLAGISM as a vehicle to explore collage and further her quest to collage the universe. COLLAGISM was an active campaigner for the release of Pussy Riot with her street art campaign of hacked Vogue Covers appearing across London. In 2013 she held a 6 month residency at The Vestibule Gallery on Redchurch St, featuring 6 exhibitions, it was an evolving experiment in collage of all dimensions. Since then COLLAGISM’s work has been exhibited and performed widely internationally including Art Athina International Art Fair (Athens, Greece), Tate Britain (London, UK), The National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia), Chinatown Soup (New York City, USA), The Vaults Gallery (London, UK), The Glamour Bar (Shanghai, China), Eyesore (Tokyo, Japan), Huerto Verde Roma (Mexico City, Mexico), Liverpool Love at Liverpool International Art Fair, (Liverpool UK), Scream Gallery (London, UK), Art Licks Weekend (London UK) among many others.