To keep your MOCOMOCO silk scarf as good as new, we recommend a few golden rules: 
Silk is a very special fabric. Not only "silky soft", but also anti-allergenic, breathable and moisture-regulating. Thanks to its smooth surface, it is more dirt-repellent than other fabrics and hardly absorbs any odours. Normally it is therefore sufficient to ventilate the silk cloth in the fresh air from time to time. Slight wrinkles vanish due to warm water vapour, so maybe take the silk scarf with you to the warm, damp bath room while you are bathing or showering. Ironing should always be done in a damp state, from the left side and with a moderately warm iron. Please do not spray the dry silk fabric with water or iron with steam, as this can cause unattractive water stains. Silk is a fibre made of animal protein, which has a composition similar to that of human skin. Therefore silk fabrics react sensitively to influences which can also damage the skin, e.g. excessive direct sunlight. Likewise, deodorants and perfumes should not be sprayed on directly. And when stored for a long time, silk also feels most comfortable in a closed cupboard.
Cleaning silk
Cleaning should be carried out gently. We recommend chemical cleaning as described in the care instructions on the scarf. In principle, however, care at home is also possible by hand washing with special silk detergents. Please do not use detergents that contain bleach, alkali, enzymes or greasing substances.

As alternative detergents for emergencies pH-neutral body care products with as few additives as possible are suitable. Only move the silk scarf slightly back and forth in cold or lukewarm water and do not brush or rub against each other. Individual stains should never be washed out selectively, as this could lead to water stains or edges. A little vinegar in the last (cold) rinse water refreshes the colours, maintains the shine and improves the grip. Please do not use fabric softeners. The wet scarf should then be carefully squeezed out and pulled into shape so that it dries slowly, preferably lying down.

Ironing silk

Please iron only when wet.If the silk is already dry, it is best to wrap it in a damp towel until it is evenly moistened. Under no circumstances should the silk be sprayed with water, as this could lead to unattractive water stains. The silk is then ironed from the left at a low temperature, set to silk. Please do not use the steam function, as it cannot be ruled out that water droplets may escape. With more sensitive silk fabrics such as chiffon, the silk should be covered with a damp cloth for safety when ironing.