MOCOMOCO captures original motifs of urban art with the aim to preserve beautiful and unique pieces on high-quality silk an other fine materials. After focusing solely on Berlin based street art in our first silk scarf collection, we have now expanded our radius across the world. In our newest and first international collection "7 Artists - 7 Cities", we explore a selection of striking urban art motifs from 7 major cities across three continents.

In close partnership with selected artists from New York, London, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and of course Berlin, we transform their motifs into evocative and expressive designs, capturing the essence of the city in which it was first created in public space. The mission of MOCOMOCO is to make street art internationally available, visible and long lasting. By purchasing one of our exclusive products, you are not only directly supporting our artists who receive shares of the proceeds, but you will also help us in advocating for art in the public space. Alongside our artists, we therefore say: "Thanks a lot", "merci beaucoup", "muchas gracias", "muito obrigada" and "Dankeschön".


Constanze Molnar



Every purchase you make supports an artist